Indian Elephant Pendant

Indian Elephant pendant with Rhodonite Beads

Measures 24"

Made using 6mm rhodonite beads & co-ordinating seed beads

Tibetan Silver Elephant Pendant - pretty detail

Sterling Silver Findings

Asian Elephant meaning:
The elephant is generally considered a symbol of good luck and the animal is a symbol of good fortune.
Elephants in Asia are symbolizing a kind of divinity and benevolence and that is why in the recent Asia there are still religious ceremonies where offering is made to the elephants, they wash them and anoint them with special oils and pigments so that the community be blessed with good will.
They also symbolize wisdom, loyalty, strength, fidelity and longevity.

Rhodonite meaning:
Rhodonite Emotional Healing Energy.
Rhodonite is an ideal stone for processing and dispelling emotional pain.
It clears away wounds and scars of the past, releasing abusive and self-destructive behaviors, feelings of hatred, anger or resentment, and allows one to see both sides of an issue.

Will be presented in an organza bag

£1.95 2nd Class Signed for Postage

Despatched within 1-2 working days

Thanks for looking:)

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